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Mgr. Jan švarc - Attorneys at law

Welcome to the website of the law firm Mgr. Jan Švarc! Thank you for your visit. We hope that you find all the necessary information on this site. We will be very happy if you contact us so that we can offer you high-quality legal representation by our lawyers. You can always rely on our fully professional approach.


We deal with all areas of law, you can find experts in criminal, commercial and civil matters. Our specialization is defence in criminal matters, as well as commercial law including company formation, mergers or acquisitions. You can also find reliable help in recovering your debts. We have many years of experience in bills of exchange law. We will also be happy to provide professional legal keeping and deposits for you.

We have offices in the centre of Prague, but this does not limit the possibilities of our cooperation even if you are located at the other end of the Czech Republic. We will be happy to take over your representation in serious cases regardless of location.


If interested, you can make an appointment with our attorneys right now. We will gladly inform you of the approximate price for our services, provided to you in case of mutual agreement. THE FIRST CONSULTATION IS ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE.

Mgr. Jan Švarc

Legal areas

Criminal proceedings are an overused instrument which, often without serious justification, goes against those who allegedly act in breach of the law. We know from our experience that the client must therefore be provided with a high-quality, sometimes aggressive, defense. Our law firm follows this at all times and will always provide you with such a defence.

You can contact our office for legal aid and representation in all civil cases, whether it is the writing or control of contracts, family law (divorce, maintenance, custody, etc.), inheritance law, real estate transfers including legal custody and any contentious agenda.

Our law firm will be at your disposal at all stages of your business from obtaining a trade licence, setting up a company to a possible sale of the company to another entity. We provide advice on the writing of any business contracts or contracts with your suppliers, customers and consumers.

Fines for traffic violations, administrative offenses, simply "fighting with the authorities". We will also take your place in this area in a quality and effective way in any proceedings with the administrative authority.

Are you a private person, who has lent money to someone and they're not giving it back to you. Are you a self-employed person and the client has not paid you for your services, or has another entrepreneur not paid your invoice?

We provide legal safekeeping of funds for our clients, both on a case-by-case basis and in the form of permanent cooperation with real estate agencies or developers.

Our team

Mgr. Jan Švarc


Lenka Mikynová

Head of Administration and Finances

Sandra Švarcová


Barbora Janovská

Marketing, advertising, PR

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If interested, you can arrange a meeting with our lawyers right now. We will gladly inform you of the approximate fees for our services provided to you in case of mutual agreement.