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Frequently asked questions

"Someone owes me. What should I do if he does not repay the debt?"

If you contact our firm, we will thoroughly vet the debtor and then we will propose an individual procedure for recovering the amount owed. The most common procedure is to send a pre-application, then bring an action to the court and then apply for enforcement. It all depends on how the debtor communicates and on his or her efforts to pay the debt.

"What's it going to cost me?"

Our firm doesn't take any advance payments in case we don't succeed. You will only pay the court fee for bringing an action or for an appeal. Our remuneration is paid on the admitted costs by the court and is paid by the debtor. We will discuss everything with you and explain in detail.

"How long will it take?"

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question even if we really want to. It always depends on communication on the part of the borrower, if he is interested in solving everything amicably, then it is a matter of "days". But if he is not communicating, we have to wait until the bailiff's activities. Another factor is whether the debtor is over-indebted or if it is his single debt. We will discuss all options with you in detail after thorough vetting of the debtor.


1. We provide the first meeting with the client free of charge, we always try to find the optimal solution for the client.

2. If we agree to cooperate, legal services are provided for a fee. The lawyer's fee can be arranged as a contractual on the basis of an agreement with the client. In the absence of such an agreement, we are talking about a non-contract remuneration, which the lawyer is entitled to charge the client for the acts of legal service provided for by him in the manner specified in Regulation No. 177/1996 Coll., the legal tariff.

3. We focus mainly on criminal and civil law. We provide comprehensive legal services in the area of real estate transfer. We offer the writing and revision of contracts and we are able to provide legal safe keeping to increase legal certainty.

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If interested, you can arrange a meeting with our lawyers right now. We will gladly inform you of the approximate fees for our services provided to you in case of mutual agreement.