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Administrative law

Fines for traffic violations, administrative offenses, simply "fighting with the authorities". We will also take your place in this area in a quality and effective way in any proceedings with the administrative authority. It may not only be fines for bad parking, but we will help you whenever you do not find the decision of the office (administrative authority) in order – it is therefore fines for all violations, but also everything related to registers, protection of designs, construction procedures and other matters. We will also help you in cases where you want or need to initiate administrative proceedings yourself. This may include, for example, environmental matters and the like.

In case of traffic violations, you can also subscribe to our services. This means that in case of stopping by the Police of the Czech Republic we will be available on the phone and we will advise you on the most advantageous procedure. Learn about this option using the form below, which you can also use for a first contact in a specific administrative matter.

We will contact you immediately at your chosen time. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. If this form does not suit you, you can contact us directly via email or phone, which are listed in the contacts section.

Contact form

If interested, you can arrange a meeting with our lawyers right now. We will gladly inform you of the approximate fees for our services provided to you in case of mutual agreement.