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Criminal law

Criminal proceedings are an overused instrument which, often without serious justification, goes against those who allegedly act in breach of the law. We know from our experience that the client must therefore be provided with a high-quality, sometimes aggressive, defense. Our law firm follows this at all times and will always provide you with such a defence.

Criminal law should be the last resort that the State can use. It is abused in cases in which civil liability should be used. I consider that, even in cases where the application of the criminal procedure should appear to be appropriate, the police and prosecutors simplify the situation by not proving the subjective aspect of the offence at all (i.e. the existence of an intention to commit the offence) and sometimes the judges 'cover' it.

I also consider that the detention institute is being abused excessively when, in my opinion, proposals for remand are often made only to ensure that the accused person is always available to prosecutor and does not, in essence, consider that the restriction of liberty is a very serious interference with the fundamental rights of a person, which can sometimes lead to his personal and professional destruction.

Last but not least, I believe that in some cases the political interest outweighs the interest of justice, that is, it interferes with the fundamental rights of probably an innocent person just because someone powerful wants it. A shining example is the case of Ali Fayad. This case clearly and indiscretably demonstrates an effort to influence certain cases through the media.

All these aspects must be taken into account in the defence and the client's rights to an impartial and fair trial must be defended. Our law firm guarantees that it will use all available means to defend the client's rights, because, as you already know, the client always comes first with us!

Mgr. Jan Švarc, defence lawyer in criminal cases


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