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Legal safekeeping

We provide legal safekeeping of funds for our clients, both on a case-by-case basis and in the form of permanent cooperation with real estate agencies or developers. The funds of each client are deposited in a special safekeeping account held with UniCredit Bank. Each legal safekeeping is therefore held in a special account, which the lawyer can not freely manipulate, see the terms and conditions of UniCredit Bank. 7/2004 Journal of 28 June 2004, on the implementation of the safekeing of money, securities or other assets of the client by a lawyer as amended by the Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Czech Bar Association No. 3/2008 of the Journal, resolution of the Board of Directors of the Czech Bar Association No. 1/2015 of the Journal. You can download this Resolution here.

We pay the funds according to the safekeeping contract within one calendar day after proof of fulfilment of the conditions for payment. The fee for the storage of funds up to CZK 2,000,000 is CZK 1,000, - CZK + VAT for each individual case, in the case of legal safe deposit above CZK 2,000,000, this service is free for the client, the fee of our law firm will be bank interest, credited to the safe deposit account for the duration of the safe deposit. With permanent cooperation with a real estate agency, the safekeeping for the client is always free of charge, regardless of the amount stored.

If interested, we will be happy to draw up or review all documents and contracts related to safe storage, e.g. real estate purchase contracts, bank liens, etc.

We offer all these services for the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

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