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Receivables, enforcement

Receivables recovery

Are you a private person, who has lent money to someone and they're not giving it back to you. Are you a self-employed person and the client has not paid you for your services, or has another entrepreneur not paid your invoice? In all these cases, you can contact our law firm. We have a wealth of experience in debt collection.

Are you afraid of the cost? Do you think our services will not pay off because your claim is small and you think a lawyer is expensive? In most cases, you're wrong. We will assess your claim and, in the vast majority of cases, take it over for recovery without having to pay for legal services. Your only financial expense will be a court fee. How is that possible? Simply because the court will compensate you for the costs of legal representation and it is this payment in the event of recovery of the claim that will be our remuneration for the legal services provided. However, it will be paid by the debtor, not by you. In these cases, i tis only our law firm that bears the risk that the claim will not be won. As a last resort, enforcement may be used. Even then, we can be useful to you, because we cooperate with the most successful bailiffs in the Republic.


Recovery of a set of receivables

Our law firm has extensive experience in recovering and managing a large number of receivables for one client. We can process thousands of claims in days and weeks. We will ensure the sending of pre-application appeals, filing an action, participation in courts all over the country and subsequent submission of enforcement proposals. Similarly, within the legal representation we communicate with debtors, close payment schedules and keep detailed records, which may be available to the client online. We will not miss the entry of any debtor into insolvency, therefore claims applications are filed properly and in a timely manner. If you have a set of receivables in numbers from tens to tens of thousands, or you still have new receivables, do not hesitate to contact us. Timely enforcement will be significantly more successful than when it is waiting for enforcement and other creditors are not waiting. Your receivables can be in any amount, from hundreds of crowns to hundreds of thousands or millions. In certain circumstances, it is possible and real to recover even statute of limitation receivables. We will offer you very advantageous fees for our services, which will eventually be paid by borrowers. We have a really long-term experience in debt management and we provide a highly professional approach in this area. Our clients are many large food companies. This is one of the sectors where non-payment of claims is frequent.


Sale and purchase of receivables

Do you want to get rid of some claims and stop taking care of them even if you do not get their full value? This is a firm for you! We cooperate with several companies that are our clients and at the same time deal with the receivables business. Therefore, we can mediate the sale of your receivables, or find for purchase such a claim you are interested in, for example, for netting.

And what is the success rate and fees of selling receivables? If you contact us, we will verify your claim free of charge. We will then advise you whether and at what price the claim can be sold. Naturally, claims secured by a lien or liability and the like are worth more. It is better to sell a set of receivables than an individual claim that sometimes has a minimum or even zero price. Also problematic is the sale of the claim to the debtor, who is subject to multiple executions. However, there are exceptions. We also guarantee a highly professional, individual and effective approach in this area.

Please send the information about the claim you are offering for sale to the dalekorejova@advokatipraha.eu and attach the scanned documents of the claim.


Legal representation of creditors

Creditors have rights and there are a number of ways to enforce them. Execution is the ultimate solution, but in some cases there is no choice but to proceed with it.

If you already have an enforcement order (i.e. judgment, order for payment, settlement, etc.) in legal possession and the debtor does not pay anyway, we will ensure that the enforcement is carried out as effectively as possible. We cooperate with the most powerful enforcement authorities in the country and guarantee that you will not pay any advances to carry out the enforcement, nor the costs of enforcement in the event that, despite all efforts, it is unsuccessful, for example because the debtor dies.


Enforcement - representation of debtors

If an enforcement is ordered against you, not all is lost yet. If you have any doubts about it, we are at your disposal. We will take your place in enforcement proceedings, check whether the execution has been ordered properly, whether the enforcement order has actually become final, whether it has been properly served and, if necessary, we will try to stop it. If this fails, we will at least ensure that the law is not broken against you during enforcement proceedings, we will ensure that the costs of enforcement are determined in accordance with the law.

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