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Price list of legal services

Each case is completely individual, the prices for legal services always depend on the agreement with the client. However, you will always know in advance how much you will pay for what actions.

We apply several pricing options. This can be calculated on the basis of the hourly rate, as a share of the outcome of the dispute or fixed for the given case.

Hourly billables

Rates range from 2,000,- CZK to 3,500,- CZK per hour of work of a lawyer, exceptionally, in particularly complex cases, it can be more in accordance with the agreement with the client.

Price as a share of the outcome of the dispute

In this case, the price for legal services amounts to a maximum of 25 % of the proceeds.

Fixed price

The price can be negotiated as fixed. This means that there will be a precisely agreed amount for the whole case, regardless of difficulty and time.

Free services:

  • The first consultation with the client if FREE.
  • FREE of charge for the client will be most debt collection, where our office will assume the risks and the remuneration will be paid only from the court-granted and recoverable costs of legal representation.

Flat rate for permanent legal representation

In the case of permanent legal representation of business entities, the price may be agreed on a monthly flat rate.

VAT is always added to prices and a contract for the provision of legal services is always signed with the client.

Contact form

If interested, you can arrange a meeting with our lawyers right now. We will gladly inform you of the approximate fees for our services provided to you in case of mutual agreement.